Enzymes & Additives

“Should I be adding anything to my septic, if so what is a good product?” If you have this question, ask yourself, do I…..

…Have a household of 4+ people on a regular basis?
…Use anti-bacterial products on a daily basis?
…Use bleach often in my wash or wash more than 4-5 times a week?
…Or anyone in the family use prescribed medications on a regular basis?
…Have high amounts of iron in my water?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, an additive would be the smart choice. Throughout our 25 years of business, we have found products that we believe are superior and more effective for the cost than anything on store shelves. Additives replenish lost microorganisms necessary in tanks to break down solids. Frequent pumpings matched with regular applications of enzymes is the best way to maintain your system. Our additives are completely natural and environmentally safe.

Drainfield Biological Activator (DBA)     (not available for online purchase)

DBA is a high dose of bacteria used in drainfields that are sluggish or also used in conjunction with drainfield jetting. Available in one gallon containers.