Grease Traps

Most restaurants or service stations where food is prepared for purchase will have a “grease trap” which needs regular servicing. As dishes are cleaned, the water and grease/food off of the dishes goes down the drain. However this grease can cause real problems in sewer lines and treatment plants as it does not break down easily. A grease trap is designed to capture the grease/food and allow the water to continue draining into the sewer.

These traps come in different sizes ranging from small ones within the kitchen, or large tanks in the ground outside the building. We service both the exterior and interior grease traps. Maintenance schedules are available to have these serviced on a regular basis. Some townships require paperwork submitted by the facility to show these traps are being serviced regularly. We handle all the paperwork for you! We have a computer program designed to track and record all services accurately which makes for easy reporting.