Interior/Exterior Line Cleaning

Problems are not always just associated with septic systems. Plumbing is part of every home and building, and with that comes the potential for lines clogging regardless if you have a septic or city sewer. This can be caused by a variety of reasons. Paper and waste could catch and cause a plug. Greases and soaps from sinks and various other sources can build up over time and restrict water flow. And of course there are those pesky tree roots. They can find their way into any connection or seam of the exterior lines and cause blockage.

At Kuettel’s Septic, we have all of the latest equipment to handle these problems. Our high pressure water jetter can be used to break up and flush these plugs out of the line. We also have a cable machine with cutting tips to clear out roots and can treat the line to deter them from coming back. (see products) Various size lines and cables allow us to handle jobs from sink lines up to main lines leaving the house.

As for odd jobs, we handle them too! Plugged lines for downspouts, drainage lines, garage drains… if it can plug, we can open it!