Root/Odor Care

Root X
Roots from trees and bushes can find their way into cracks, holes, or connections in the piping and tanks causing major problems. Root X is a foaming contact killer that will clean a system of these roots without killing the plant itself! Root X works best for roots in piping in conjunction with water jetting. This process cuts the roots exposing the inside of the root. Direct contact with the root makes the product most effective, however it can be used without jetting. For roots in the tank, it can be added directly into the tank. It is available in a 4 pound container and can be applied by us or by the customer.

Deodorizers & Fumeguard
With these products you can eliminate the smell that can sometimes come from your septic tank(s). We have liquid deodorizers to add to the tank or we have a product called Fumeguard, which acts as a gasket for your cover, sealing it and preventing odor-causing gases from escaping the tank.