System Accessories & Parts

Charcoal Vent Pipe Filters
These filters contain an area of charcoal pieces that will trap and eliminate odors. They are placed within a vent pipe allowing the air to flow freely through but completely odorless. Replacement charcoal packs can be purchased as well, as over time the charcoal does lose its effectiveness.

Inspection Pipe Caps & Tank Warning Labels
We have available vented and sealed caps for inspection pipes. Also we have extra warning labels for septic tank covers.

Tired of digging up your cover? How about replanting your lawn after is it pumped each time? We have the solution!

We offer concrete and plastic extensions to get your cover closer to the surface or above, your preference.

Concrete risers come in 1 foot sections and are adhered together with a watertight concrete sealant. These risers are great for stability through the winter frost but can become quite heavy for weaker or deeper tanks.

The poly risers come in 6 inch or 1 foot sections. These risers connect together with screws that pinch together the gasket between each riser for a watertight seal. They are dark green in color, making them a little more pleasing to the eye. They are also light, making them not as strenuous on deep or weak tanks.

The average install includes:

• Riser(s) and cover (if current cover does not match)
• Sealant and/or screws (poly)
• Chain and lock (for concrete above ground)
• Rebury and cleanup
• For a fee, we will dispose of your old cover

Some may not care for the look of a cover about ground. Don’t worry! Be creative! Our installation will bring the cover up to code, from there it is up to your imagination. You can paint it, landscape around it, put something on it, or anything else you want. One great idea can be found on this page. Fake rocks fit nicely over the covers making them vanish, yet they stay easily accessible.

Poly Riser Accessories

Afraid your septic may freeze if you have a riser? There is no need to worry with a riser insulator that provides an extra layer of heavy duty insulation to keep out the frost.

Safety Screen
This screen fits in your riser to provide an extra durable layer of protection. Rated at 250 lbs. per square foot, it prevents anything from entering your tank if your cover is removed or damaged. Bright yellow in color.

Decorative Rocks
Don’t like the look of that tank cover in the middle of the yard? We have the solution. We provide fake decorative rocks of all sizes that will make that cover disappear! Call for a free catalog or check out the products at

Also, before landscaping around septics, please read our PDF on the DO’S & DON’TS FOR BEAUTIFYING YOUR DRAINFIELD for tips so as not to harm your septic system.