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Why should I install risers on my septic?

Installing risers on your underground septic cover will obviously save you a lot of time and effort digging it up when pumping or other work is needed. Homeowners may not know where their covers are and go to great lengths searching for them. This may not seem that inconvenient in the summer months, but it is very difficult in the winter. All too often, people experience septic back ups and other problems when the ground is frozen solid. Not only do they have to experience the stress of a backed up septic, but it tends to be very time consuming and costly to thaw the ground and access that cover, which is essential to fixing issues. Installing risers can save all of these headaches.   riserafter2

Some are concerned that risers are an unattractive addition to their yard, but there are many options to beautify it. Poly plastic covers are dark green and can easily blend into the surrounding greenery. The risers can be covered with fake rocks, landscaped around and even painted! There are many possibilities. Call us today to set up an installation!