Tank & System Repair

Baffle Replacement
A baffle is a barrier or shield in front of the inlet and outlet holes in the tank. Made from concrete, PVC, or plastic, these shields are vital to proper operation of the system.

The inlet baffle, sitting half in and half out of the water, is designed to deflect incoming waste down into the tank so as not to agitate the tank. Agitating the tank causes settled sewage to rise, flow out of the tank, and plug the drainfield. The outlet baffle, also sitting half in and half out of the water, is designed so as to allow water to flow under and out of the tank without allowing the floating paper and waste to leave the tank.

One of the main causes of lines clogging in septic tanks is a missing baffle within the tank. This problem can be solved with the installation of PVC or plastic replacement baffles. At each servicing of your septic system it is our routine to visually inspect each baffle to make sure they are intact and doing their job! If not, we will notify you immediately so we can get it replaced
before more damage is done.

Tank Sealing
As tanks age, especially those made of steel, they can deteriorate and form holes in which ground water may enter the tank. Instead of full replacement of the tank, we are able to seal these problem areas.

Cover Locating & Digging
We will locate your cover and dig up your tank for you. Not even the frost can stop us. With the use of a heat blanket, we can thaw the ground for easier digging during the winter months.

Filter Cleaning
As regulations change in the septic industry, changes are constantly being made to enhance the performance of the system. One big change was the addition of the filter to all septic tanks.

In today’s systems the traditional outlet baffle is removed and replaced with a filter. This filter enhances the protection of your drainfield by filtering the water as it leaves the tank trapping small solids from flowing into the drainfield which can cause plugging.

Like any filter though, these filters need to be cleaned frequently to ensure your system functions properly. Depending on the make and size of your filter, we suggest cleaning your filter at least once or twice a year. We offer a filter cleaning maintenance schedule based on your particular need of cleaning.

We also replace filter cartridges. See our description under System Accessories & Parts.

Mound Flushing
Proper drainage of a septic systems drainfield is essential for it to work. As time passes, small solids and other particles inevitably make their way through the system and into the mound. These particles plug up the holes in the piping that is running through your mound. When this happens, water can no longer drain as easily through the pipe as it now has a smaller area to go through. If not taken care of, this can cause many problems.

Sewage can begin to push out of your mound on the surface and sides as these are the only places for it to go. Your pump inside the pump chamber of your tank is forced to work harder and longer as it tries to push water through smaller areas. This can cause it to run for long periods of time, sometimes not even shutting off, using more electricity and even burning up and needing replacing.

Water jetting can clean these lines out if they become plugged.  However a great way to prevent this problem is through a mound flushing. Mound systems are designed with flush ports that allow us to open the ends of the lines within the mound and by manually running your pump, we flush any build up out of the system. This is a very good process to have done occasionally for maintenance purposes.

Riser Installation
For more information, see “Risers and Accessories” under System Accessories & Parts.