“I just wanted to say thank you for your very professional and prompt service. The men you have are very professional and courteous. “- T. E.

“Thank you so much for your prompt service and reasonable price! People like you get taken for granted! I just want you to know that I appreciate the service you provide.” -T.C.

“Thank you for your always wonderful service! It’s been a continuing pleasure having you help us out with our holding tank services.” -T. K.

“…The willingness of the entire team at Kuettel’s Septic Service to “dive in” and complete a job already in progress was appreciated. Your contribution was greatly valued….”- K. B.

“…The service is worth every dime.” “You are the nicest, most efficient company I have done business with! When I call, you’re there for us. Never a negative word and always a smile!”– B. P.

“…The gentleman who took care of our emergency situation was very professional and did a wonderful job in spite of having to work in very undesirable circumstances. ….He was prompt, professional, patient and personable.” – J. P.

“If anyone needs a lesson in the proper way to run a business, and keep your customers
satisfied, you could use Kuettel’s as a blueprint. Just an all around well-run organization! Thank you!” -L.W.

“Your entire family is simply amazing! Thank you for not only fixing our septic problem, but doing so cheerfully and quickly. This is one of the few things we can’t handle ourselves, and I am eternally thankful for your fast response and pleasant service. We’ve been loyal customers for 13 years and will never leave Kuettel. Whether it’s routine or emergency service, you have always been there to help us out. As thrilled as we are with your service, we appreciate your kindness and consideration even more. You are a blessing. Best wishes and many thanks.”
-K. H.

“I have used many septic services over the years. The one that still stands out above the rest is Kuettel’s. These guys are just straight forward, no nonsense!” -P. M.

“We would like to send a thank you to all the guys that helped us find the problem with our septic. We had your guys out due to issues we had with back up in the house. Your guys went way above and beyond to find out our problem. Again, we can’t thank your guys enough for the friendly professional service they gave us. Thank you again.” -S. B.

“I have been extremely impressed with your entire organization, from top to bottom. Keep up the good work!” –J.W.

“My friends always ask me who I hire to do my Septic work. I always recommend Kuettel’s. There has never been a problem, and the work is always done on time and with a smile.” –M.L.