Will my water softener hurt my septic system?

A recent study showed that when your water softener is set to an efficient salt setting, it should not harm the septic system. It is recommended to keep the softener at a setting to use less salt, or update to more efficient technology. Extra salt in your septic system can increase your possibility for problems. Some plumbers have found emulsified grease in tanks and eroding concrete due to acidity from too much salt. As always, good maintenance can prevent many problems! When we pump out your septic, we are always looking out for potential issues so we can alert you before a problem arises.

One thought on “Will my water softener hurt my septic system?

  1. It’s true that getting proper maintenance is important to keeping the septic tank running like it should. It’s also important to up with maintenance so you don’t have more serious issues arise which could be costly. I would have my septic tank repairman check how the salt is affecting it so I know if I should stop or if it will be okay.

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